UCC vote to Affiliate with USI

It’s understandable that people get caught up in the bubble that is Maynooth, but there are elections going on in Students’ Unions’ all across the country these days. However down in Leeside, along with the customary sabbatical and executive elections, they held a USI Affiliation Referendum. According to the UCC Su Twitter account the result was as follows;

“USI Affiliation Referendum Total Poll 3672 Spoilt 80 Yes 2543 No 1049”

That’s 30% for the ‘No’ side, which again according to Twitter is an increase since the last Affiliation Referendum approximately two years ago. Interestingly enough UCC SU took a stance on the referendum, putting themselves firmly in the ‘Yes’ camp. https://www.facebook.com/CollegeRoadie/posts/197261490379460

As MSU will be holding an affiliation referendum themselves next year, we should take note of how the votes go in other colleges.

Is the result in UCC an endorsement of USI or is it just the influence of the SU on the Yes side? One can only hope that in the coming year, MSU officers, unlike their counterparts in UCC, will find themselves in neutral territory.

It has been two years now since MSU re-affiliated themselves to USI, as soon as the elections are over, the focus will no doubt shift on the national body. The time for tough questions about USI is almost upon us. Watch this space.

Leonie Delaney

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