#MSUelec12 Count Day LIVEBLOG

Here we go. Dave Ryan brings you live updates from the Election Count

RUNNING ORDER:  Science & Engineering, Arts, Theology, Irish, LUNCH, Welfare, SEC, CSUD, President, Survey…..Social Science TBD

Keep hitting F5 to refresh

21.32- 1852 votes for Séámus out of 2419

21.30- Rob Munnelly says he is happy with both candidates

21.27-  Seamus Reynolds is deemed elected on the first count. WOW

21.24. Blackboard time. Awed whispers.

21.21- Last table have just finished counting. Tension mounts at Hackstock.

21.19: Expecting first count shortly.

21.16- Yet another cameo by Solid Snake from the popular video game series Metal Gear Solid.

21.14- Spoils being contested. Room is packed.

21:04- There is a MASSIVE difference in the size of the separated first preferences.

20:59- A big thank you to Generic Dave for that slice of pizza. Bernard concurs. Jim got none.

20:56- Sorry folks, technical difficulties and such. The counting for President has begun

20.19- Lorna Deegan deemed elected, quota not met.

20.08- Forth count. Lorna up to 817, Eoin eliminated

19:57-  Third count, Katie eliminated, Maeve does well on transfers. VP CSUD is on a knife edge.

19.50- Second count Transfers Lorna +27 Katie+11 Eoin+22 Maeve +10 Peter +16 84 no trans Vote

19:49- Second count, Lorna still holds the lead. Peter Quinn eliminated.

19.45- Our friend the chalkboard is back. Second count imminent.

19:44- Exact figures VP CSUD Spoils:72 Eoin:420 Lorna:624 Peter:338 Cain:127 Maeve:454 Katie:354 RON:43 TP:2432 TVP: 2360 Quota:1181

19:33- First count in. Lorna has a narrow lead, but this isn’t over yet.

19.28- Keith ‘Bazinga’ Broni stays in a manly act of defiance.

19:28: First count imminent.

19.20: Due to the amount of spoils, I believe they will be doing the first count without them to get a sub-total, then adding in the spoils that have been approved for counting. I think.

19:18- There are an awful lot of spoils.

 Eoin Griffin would like it stated for the record that he is sipping.

19.12-  Update from Lorna Deegan, via the Tweet box: “Havin’ the absolute bants at the election count.”. Eoin Griffin continues to pensively drain his scotch glass.

19.01- For fact fans, the hack tipple du jour is scotch. Or simply Jameson.

18.54- Spoils being contested

18:52- Everyone except candidates, tallies, and I have been kicked out. Even Keith ‘Tick Tock, It’s Keith o’ clock’ Broni is gone.

18:46- VP CSUD count underway

18.16- 15min break, then VP CSUD time.

18:14- fourth count: Mal:+221 Ailbhe:+104 218 no trans

18:13- Mal reached the quota, fact fans

18:10- Mal Callan has been elected.

18:06- Third count: Mal +93 -1010 Ailbhe +75 -697 Steve +61 -541 n.t.v 121

18:01: Steve Fleming officially eliminated, his votes distributing now. Third count figures coming imminently.

18:00: William Blumlein officially eliminated, his votes now being distributed.

17:59: RON eliminated. Second count Will + 0 -350 Mal +2 -917 Steve +0 -482 Ailbhe +4 – 622

17:54: New first count total 2112 quota 1201 will 350, mal 915 steve 482 ailbhe 618 ron 41 spoils 42

17:52: Audio update on the confusion.

17:45- Aislinn O’ Connell sums it up perfectly on the tweetbox: Tension is riding miles high as nobody has any idea what’s going on.

17.37- Confusion and mystery abounds

17.35- Steve Fleming emerges saying that 170 of his ballots have been miscounted

17.33- New Bundle found of Votes…. counting beginning now

17.30- Drama at count center. RON and Will Blumlein had been eliminated for having the lowest counts, but the whole count for VPSEC has now restarted owing to a discrepency in the numbers handed up from the counting tables

17:20- An interview with the re-elected Fiach O’ Neill

17.19- VPSEC moves to the second count http://soundcloud.com/thobiasinkblot/interview-with-fiach-post

17.18- VPSEC First Preferences: Total: 2371 Spoil: 42 RON: 47 Will: 349 Mal: 915 Steve. 399 Ailbhe: 619

17:12- While you wait for the count, and as rumours abound in the count, enjoy our latest audio update, an interview with Laura Feeney and Sorcha Vaughan

16.54- In the most creative spoil of the day, someone rated VP SEC candidates on the degree of c*ck they are.

16:50- Keith ‘Mufasa’ Broni watches on stoically as his successor is chosen.

16:49- Tallies for VP SEC are called. Spoils to be contested.

16:47- We’re back. VP SEC count us underway.

15:37- Aaaaand that’s lunch. Back in 60 kids.

15:37- Welfare & Equality First Preferences: Total: 2364 Spoil: 59 RON: 39 Fiach: 1586 Danielle: 154 Podge: 526

15:32- Fiach O’ Neill has been re-elected on the 1st count

15:30- The story so far with myself, Paudi, Shmick and Donal Fallon


14:52- Irish Language & Cultural Affairs Results: Total: 2432 Spoil: 133 RON: 164 Dean MacCearaín: 891 John Ó Liodáin: 1244

14:49- Irish Officer John O Liodain elected (hopefully spelled that semi-accurately)

14:45-  Lorna claims if elected she will ‘kill ALL the seals’. You heard it here first

14:41: Spoils for Irish Officer being sorted

14:14- Social Science: RON 916, Spoils 217, Total 733, Total Valid 916, Quota 259


14:09- Stephen Graham 64, Sean Smith 41, RON 2, Spoil 2, Total 99, Valid 97,

14:08- Stephen Graham has been elected Theology Rep.

14:06- In a comparison to the Kennedy assassination, we will all remember where we were the day RON won

14:04- Theology and Social Science tallies called. History will be made as RON is about to have his first election win at NUIM. Granted, uncontested. But still, history…….

14:00- Ryan 201 (+19), Shauna 171 (+38), Non-transferrable 67

13:58- Ryan Cahill has been elected as Science and Engineering rep

13:50- Count was Dave Flanagan 942, RON 221, Total Poll 1217, Spoils 57, Valid Poll: 1163, Quota 582

13:47: Arts- David Flanagan reaches quota, deemed elected

13:45: More on the Science and Engineering count: 439 votes. Darren: 107 Ryan: 182 Shauna: 133 RON: 17 Spoil: 18

13:42- Science & Engineering- Darren Buckley has been eliminated on the first count, no candidate has reached quota. Exact figures to follow

13.37- We’re expecting results for Science & Engineering, and Arts soon

13:06- We’re back, and in a little change to the running order, Arts and Science & Engineering will be counted first, owing to the commitments of candidates. Hans Moleman’s victory party is on hold.

13:03- The sweets have been eaten. My apples remain. Success!

12:56- Reports from inside the count suggest that we will have a higher turnout than last year.

12:41: 20 minute break, then the R.O. team will begin counting the Social Science position. #TeamHans

12:01: Former President Aengus Ó Maoláin, Via the Tweet Box “@stobserver Keep up the good work lads, we honourary members need our fix from afar!”

11.52- Keith Broni is ‘installing his own Ulster Plantation’ according to Paudi McCarrick

11:48- Survey will be last tonight, if not tomorrow, according to the chief R.O.

11.22: Froebel tallies: President: Naoise 55, Seamus 23, RON 0, Spoils 5

Welfare: Fiach 41, Podge 22 Danielle 13, RON 1 Spoils 6

VP SEC: Will 9, Mal 30 Steve 1 Ailbhe 33 Ron 3 Spoils 7

VP CSUD: Maeve 31, Lorna 14, Eoin 13 katie 11 Cain 3 Peter 3 RON 3 Spoils 5

Irish Officer: John 48, Dean 30 RON 1 Spoils 3

Will these first preferences be any sort of indication? Christ knows.


4 thoughts on “#MSUelec12 Count Day LIVEBLOG

  1. So glad that you guys are doing this. Stupid work have nearly everything blocked!

    Now all I ask is that noone decides to swear or use some worked that will get this blocked too!

    Thanks! 🙂

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