#MSUelec12: Exec Committee 2012/13, Final Results

We took a break yesterday after a marathon of a day Thursday. For those that didn’t see it on the tweet machine or live blog, we present to you, next year’s MSU Exec. Congratulations to all!


President Seamus Reynolds.
Vice President For Welfare & Equality – Fiach O’Neill.
Vice President For Services, Events & Communications – Malachy Callan.
Vice President For Clubs, Societies & Union Development – Lorna Deegan.

New sabbatical officers Seamus Reynolds, Malachy Callan, Fiach O'Neill and Lorna Deegan.


Irish Language & Cultural Affairs Officer: John Ó Liodáin.
Arts, Philosophy & Celtic Studies Faculty Representative – Dave Flanagan.
Science & Engineering Faculty Representative – Ryan Cahill.
Theology Faculty Representative – Stephen Graham.

Social Sciences Faculty Representative – RON Weasley. Unfortunately it was discovered that Ron had been involved in gratuitous voter intimidation, ballot stuffing and is being questioned for the murder of a tabloid journalist who had been looking into links between Mr. Weasley and a baby seal smuggling ring. He will be stepping down from this prestigious position and Nominations will be Re-opened in the near future.

-Pádraig McCarrick


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