Miss Representation to Screen at NUI Maynooth

After a successful screening by the Irish Feminist Network earlier this month, Miss Representation will now be shown on campus in Maynooth thanks to the NUIM Femsoc, on Thursday, 28 March in Iontas Building.

Miss Representation explores the modern conventional media and how their often stereotypical and negative depictions of women have undermined and contributed to the under representation of women in influential positions. It draws on interviews from the likes of former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, journalists Lisa Ling and Katie Couric and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to name but a few. It also intermingles these interviews with stories of teenage girls growing up in modern American society.

Miss Representation screening poster

This event will be the second event to be hosted by the NUIM FemSoc who also organised the extremely successful event for International Women’s Day on March 8th this year which included a Wall of Achievement in the Arts Block which allowed female students to submit their proudest achievement as well as including a woman who has inspired you (which many men also contributed to). This wall was then added to a display of published women writers at NUIM in the Library foyer. Speaking on the event, FemSoc Chairperson Fionn Fitzpatrick said

“It really was as successful as we could have hoped for such a new society. The main thing we were proudest of was that we got many people talking about equality on the day and encouraged both sexes to celebrate women, no matter how simple a thing it was. It really was great to see such a positive reaction and something we can build on for next year and beyond.”

This second event, will provide the society and the campus in general to bring some more serious matters to the public consciences. In recent months we have had a few discussions on gender and equality which have all been main talking points. The film aims to continue with this as afterwards, it will hold a panel discussion and Q & A session for those in attendance.

Confirmed speakers so far are Ailbhe Smyth from the Irish Feminists Network, Dr. Sinead Kennedy from the NUIM English Department and Claire McGing, a Phd student with the Geography Department who we interviewed for a podcast earlier this year on the subject of gender quotas.

Speaking on the up coming screening of the film,  FemSoc member and Student Observer contributor Eoin Griffin stated that

“The film really will open an interesting discussion for people who may not have thought about these issues before. While many, even Feminists, won’t agree with everything the film has to say, it will none the less provide a forum for discussion and debate on an issue that is completely overlooked. This happens not just in the media, but it is seen on campus, and obviously in wider society.”

Doors will open for the event at 18.00 with the film due to start at 18.30. The panel discussion and Q & A will commence from 20.15. The FemSoc have advised that if you are interested in attending to email them at femsoc@nuimsu.com, tweet them @MSU_FemSoc or Facebook them to avoid disappointment.


-Pádraig McCarrick


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One thought on “Miss Representation to Screen at NUI Maynooth

  1. Isnt’ it ironic someone like Rice gets a platform in this, when the Bush administration did so much to push women’s reproductive rights BACK in the United States. Abortion rights is completely missing from this documentary. Likewise, issues like race and class are not given the right attention either. A bit like Kony 2012, is told through the narrative of a wealthy American who tels us that “I don’t want my child to grow up in a world where X,Y and Z happens”.

    It’s not entirely poor. Some of it is very enjoyable. If it opens debate around the issues, great. Go and see it if you haven’t.

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