#usi12 Two major motions passed

Yesterday saw some major motions passed, motions that will shape USI policy and future direction. The two major motions that were debated on at length were the proposal for USI to fight for equal rights for everyone regardless of gender or sexual preference in the areas of marriage and adoption, the second being the motion to actively seek a renegotiation of the Croke Park Agreement.

The motion for equal rights saw a very impressive set of speeches, many of them by maiden speakers that were well informed and passionate. There was a clear criticism of the inequalities suffered by LGBT individuals and some of the speakers were speaking from personal experience of quite shocking discrimination in 21st century Ireland. USI passed the motion unanimously to support this. Matthew Mulligan addresses these issues further here.

The most contentious issue of the day was the motion to lobby for a renegotiation of the Croke Park Agreement. There was a clear divide in the room between the left and right over this. The right argued by stating that the Agreement was having a negative impact on students. The left side of the room were opposed to this stating that the Croke Park Agreement was the last bastion of protection for lower paid frontline workers who had already suffered enough.

Keep up to date on the tweet machine and we will also have an interview with President of USI Gary Redmond later on.

Shane Mc Nally

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