Some events going on tomorrow (Tuesday)

Just came across some events that will be on campus tomorrow so giving them a plug in post form. Give them a gander and hopefully will see you there. 

First up tomorrow at 3pm in JH 3, celebrity economist David McWilliams will be giving a talk entitled “Where we have been & where we might be going”. I’m not sure who has invited him but I imagine the Economic Students’ Committee are a bunch of economic students who have formed some sort of committee to organise events. We’ll tell you more tomorrow I suppose. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (which really doesn’t seem like that bad an idea), everyone has some idea of who McWilliams is. If not, here is his site. Give it a look and come along tomorrow. You’ll either love him and think he’s great, or think he’s an absolute shyster. Needless to say, we’ll have an article on the matter by the end of the week as it should be an interesting talk and encourage some interesting debate.

If all the talk of economics proves too depressing for you, the Literary & Debating Society are holding their ‘Closing of the House Debate’ which marks the end of the society’s debating events for the academic year. Entitled, “This House Would Out Bert and Ernie”, I personally endorse this event and urge everyone to go along and see. The event kicks off at 7pm in JH2.

 For those of you who didn’t have a childhood, Bert and Ernie are a comic duo who are a household name in the classic Sesame Street program. Living together and sharing a bed, it is often debated whether Bertie and Ernie are in fact lovers or just the very best of friends. Hopefully, this debate tomorrow will bring some hilarious clarity to the question.

As this question has perforated through pop culture, we have left you with a famous above clip from Family Guy.

-Padraig McCarrick

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