Protest Against Garda Ombudsman’s Decision on ‘Rape Tape’

'Your name or I'll rape you' - taken from the recording, one of the many incidences in which rape was trivialised.

An e-mail was sent out today by NUIM Politics and Sociology Society which included the following;

‘The NUIM Politics and Sociology Society have organised an impromptu gathering tomorrow: Thursday 26th April 2012 to demonstrate our solidarity with fellow student Jerry Ann Sullivan and to register our abhorrence at gender discrimination and denigration involved and how it has been responded to, including in the media. The protest will be short and dignified and will be addressed by Orla O’Connor of The National Women’s Council of Ireland. We are calling on all students and staff to come together at 1pm tomorrow Thursday 26th April 2012 outside the Arts Block on The North Campus in an act of solidarity and to register our protest.

Where: Outside the Arts Block

When: Thursday, 26th April (TOMORROW)

Time: 1 pm’

This protest in response the actions, or rather lack thereof by the Ombudsman in response the ‘Rape Tape’ incident Which can be found here, the recording can be found here, both courtesy of The

The decision of the Ombudsman to take no action other than referring one Garda to the disciplinary committee, but finding them all clear of any ‘wrong doing’ is highly worrying in a country where only 30% of rapes are reported. The implications of this are damaging to the idea of An Garda ‘Síochána’ and would suggest that the police force of this nation are beyond reproach. Allowing acts such as rape to be trivialized is both dangerous and an affront to campaign groups that have worked tirelessly to raise awareness on this issue.

Shane Mc Nally 

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One thought on “Protest Against Garda Ombudsman’s Decision on ‘Rape Tape’

  1. How is this anything to do with gender discrimination? Misconduct yes but I fail to see how this has anything to do with gender

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