About The Observer

Student Observer Ireland: 20 February 2010 – Present

Hi all. The Student Observer is an online student newspaper designed to offer a forum for independent debate and opinion for students.

We began in February 2010 with coverage of the 2010 NUIMSU Exec elections and USI referendum.

At the moment, our permanent staff is comprised of six people: founding member Dave Ryan, editorial staff Padraig McCarrick and Shane McNally, and columnists Brian McNamara Jim O’ Brien, and Leonie Delaney.

Dave Ryan is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Observer. He also anchors the ‘Radio Free Maynooth‘ podcasts. He also once won a big trophy for debating, but they eventually took it back. The bastards. He is also is largely responsible for the Observer‘s output on Facebook and the Tweet Machine. Dave holds a B.A. in History and Economics, and an M.A. in Military History and Strategic Studies. Both of these from NUI Maynooth.

Twitter: @DaveRyanIV

Padraig McCarrick has been an Observer contributor since Day One. He is now the Deputy Editor. Despite being considered the comic relief as co-host of the ‘Radio Free Maynooth‘ podcasts, he is a sharp and dedicated political commentator in his own right. His creative input has been vital to the development of the Observer Project. He is also the commendant of the Google+ machine. Padraig holds a B.A. in History and English from NUI Maynooth, and is now studying for an M.A. in European History.

Twitter: @PaudiMcTurkish

Shane McNally joined us full time in the summer of 2011, taking the role of Deputy Editor, and Co-Creative Director. As well as writing, Shane’s job includes looking into future projects for the Observer, be it online or otherwise. He holds the record for most appearances on the ‘Radio Free Maynooth‘ panel Shane holds a B.A. in History and English from NUI Maynooth and is now studying an M.A. in European History.

Twitter: @thobiasinkblot

Brian McNamara has been a contributor to the Observer since early 2011. His official role of Roving Reporter and Entertainment Correspondent allows him to fulfill his two favourite things: drinking, and complaining about how much better everything used to be. He is often a panel member on ‘Radio Free Maynooth‘. Brian holds a B.A. in History and English, and is studying for an M.A. in European History, both from NUI Maynooth

Twitter: @cargin4107

Jim O’ Brien is the Observer‘s Political and Business correspondent. As well as having the burden of being Dave’s friend for the last decade, he has developed a passion for Economics and current affairs. He joined the team in August 2011 in a bid to help bring current affairs to the students. Or at least to have a reason to shout. Jim holds a B.A. in History and Economics, and an M.Sc in Business and management, both from NUI Maynooth.

Twitter: @JimobrienMSc

Wayne Moore is a part of the furniture at the Observer. Since day one he has not only been our chief researcher, making sure that the information the Observer is giving you is up to date and accurate, but he is also our head of graphic design, being responsible for the warmly received cartoons we published during the election, and also for our logo, Colin the Cat. He holds a B.A. in German and English from, you guessed it, NUI Maynooth.

Twitter: @wanay12

Leonie Delaney is the Observer’s latest staff member joining in February 2012  and is the self described Token Sociologist of the team. She holds a B.A in English and Sociology and recently completed an M.A in Sociology. Leonie is the only member of the Observer staff  not to have studied history at undergrad level. Leonie’s contributions deal with feminism, gender and electoral politics and social media. She is also full of witty banter on Radio Free Maynooth.

Twitter : @Leoniedelaney


Other regular contributors include:

Shmick Hughes @ShmickHugh

Thobias Inkblot- http://emptyglassie.blogspot.com,  http://aninkblot.blogspot.com/

Cargin- http://sparechangethoughts.blogspot.com/


C na G [occasional contributor]

Donal Fallon @donalfallon

Neil Frazer 

Bernard O’ Mara 

David Dunne @hardytom89

Aoife Campbell 

Eoin Griffin @OneOfTheseDays

Creative control is equally shared by Dave Ryan, Padraig McCarrick and Shane McNally. All three must approve everything that gets published on our site before you get to read it.

Thanks as always to all of our sources and contributors

If anyone would be interested in giving their opinions or contributing, please don’t hesitate to contact us :


Twitter: http://twitter.com/stobserver
Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/stobserver
Tumblr: http://stobserver.tumblr.com/


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