USI selection of Fianna Fáil speakers causes controversy.

The Union of Students of Ireland has attracted ire after it’s selection of three Fianna Fáil linked speakers for this years Students’ Union Training in Athlone.

The selection of Higher Education Authority (HEA) chief Tom Boland, former presidential Continue reading


MSU To Protest Fine Gael Minister Visit.

Maynooth Students’ Union and Free Education for Everyone are to protest the presence of Fine Gael Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton as she gives a presentation on careers in the European Union later this afternoon.

In a letter to NUIM President Professor Philip Nolan, MSU outlined its reasons for protesting Minister Creighton’s appearance at the university. The statement on Continue reading

Midnight Promotions Update: A.S.A.I Statement

Following up on the last post, the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland have recently posted a statement on their News section in relation to the Midnight Promotions posters. It reads as follows.

“The ASAI has received a significant number of complaints Continue reading

National Day of Protest


The Student Observer has learned that the national day of protest that centred around the ‘Funeral Procession’ in Dublin city centre, was also accompanied by local protests by student Unions all over the country outside of their local TD’s constituency offices. The source told the Observer that this is intended to ‘apply pressure at a local level, with a specific focus on new TD’s that may not have a comfortable seat to win next time round’. Continue reading

New URL! New email! Exclamation mark!

Scraping the bottom of the announcement barrel…

Since day one, our website has had an inconveniently long URL. But, no longer! Today we’re happy to announce that you can no longer get to us by using Instead, The Observer now has its home at:

Huzzah! Not only that, but we have a new email address available, should you wish to contact our benevolent editor directly. Just fire off an email to and it’ll go straight to me. Our old email address stays the same, so don’t worry.

We’re looking into changing the look of the site, but more of that in due course.

-Dave Ryan

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MSU President-Elect in ‘Terror Plot’

As we speak, MSU Vice-President Communications & Development and President-Elect Robert ‘Rodney’ Munnelly has become involved in a terrorist plot at the hands of a new militant student group, the Revolutionary Union Council (RUC)

In a video directed at Mr. Munnelly, the RUC demanded that he performs Rebecca Black’s hit Youtube smash ‘Friday’ in the Common Room (Al’s Diner) this Friday at 12 pm. In return, the RUC will release all copies of The Print, who they have hostage.

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