Legitimacy of USI Preferendum in doubt following revelation of major flaw in voting system

Dave Ryan reports on what is being described as a ‘farcical’ vote.

Word reached The Student Observer at lunchtime today that the ongoing USI ‘Preferendum’, the crucial vote to establish USI’s position on third level funding, has serious flaws in its voting system.

The vote, which has been taking place at http://usivote.com , has presented a couple of issues that draw the entire vote into disrepute. The first issue that has been alleged, though I have not personally seen this, is that people are occasionally prompted with other student numbers, which is troubling enough. But the second issue is far more troubling indeed. Continue reading


#MSUelec12 – Second Red P Poll Results

Dave Ryan presents results from the latest round of polling

What follows are the results of a poll carried out online between the night of Friday the 24th and the night of Saturday the 24th of February 2012. Of the polls received, results are presented based on a sample size of 200. We have also included a chart illustrating the percentage change in first preferences between the first and second poll. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: #occupydamestreet marks 100 days of occupation

Today marks Occupy Dame Street’s 100th day of occupation in the shadow of the Central Bank of Ireland building in central Dublin. It is a good time for us to reflect on where we are now, and where we can go from here.

The last 100 days have been exhilarating and exhausting for those of us involved in this occupation. There have been moments of great hope, but we must also recognise there have been moments of difficulty. Today we mark 100 days of direct opposition to the economic suffering being imposed on Ireland and we look to the future and the alternatives we can create together. Continue reading

The 2011 Student Observer Awards

It’s that time of year again.

Owing to the enjoyment people got out of last year’s edition, the Observer Awards have returned! I’m your host, Dave Ryan, and I’m here to reward the sublime and the ridiculous from 2011. From Presidential elections to SU Junkets, broken promises to occupations, 2011 has been quite a year, so good luck to all the nominees, because it’s been quite competitive.

But first, very briefly, though it will go without saying that some Continue reading

Budget Day & #occupynaas Day Four [LIVEBLOG]

Here we go again.

13.21- Launching straight into tweet machine news: