USI selection of Fianna Fáil speakers causes controversy.

The Union of Students of Ireland has attracted ire after it’s selection of three Fianna Fáil linked speakers for this years Students’ Union Training in Athlone.

The selection of Higher Education Authority (HEA) chief Tom Boland, former presidential Continue reading


FEE statement in relation to pepper-spraying at Galway protest.

A Statement by the Galway Branch of Free Education for Everyone originally posted on the campaign’s website.

Last Saturday, Free Education for Everyone Galway was involved in a protest march from Eyre Square to NUI Galway, which resulted in over a 1000 students, turf-cutters, single Continue reading

Lucinda, Y U NO Talk to Students?: MSU Protest to Minister’s Visit.

Yesterday, Monday 12 March, Maynooth Student’s Union held a protest outside the Iontas building when Minister of State and European affairs Lucinda Creighton was visiting to give a lecture on opportunities for graduates in Europe. The talk was organised by the Maynooth Career Development Centre and Centre for the Study of a Wider Europe.

This followed an open letter they sent to the President of the College, Professor Philip Nolan, explaining why they Continue reading

MSU To Protest Fine Gael Minister Visit.

Maynooth Students’ Union and Free Education for Everyone are to protest the presence of Fine Gael Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton as she gives a presentation on careers in the European Union later this afternoon.

In a letter to NUIM President Professor Philip Nolan, MSU outlined its reasons for protesting Minister Creighton’s appearance at the university. The statement on Continue reading

Galway Students Get Angry

Earlier today, up to 200 students from NUIG, Occupy Galway and the Galway Technical Institute among others, engaged in a march from the NUIG campus to Eyre Square and on to Fine Gael TD Brian Walsh’s office that was followed by an over two hour long occupation of the AIB on Shop Street. 

Entitled “Time To Get Angry” and organised by the Galway Continue reading

An Extreme Situation

In the wake of a recent SU Council meeting at NUI Galway, Sarah McCarthy writes of the dangers of apathy in the wake of the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in today. 

On Monday January 30th, there was an SU Council meeting at which Equality Officer William O’Brien asked the student reps to mandate the SU Executive to ‘consider’ a number of tactics in the fight against fees. They included simple measures like marches and more intrepid steps such as a mass boycott of fees. During the debate that ensued I couldn’t help but wonder if I just hadn’t noticed the giant bubble encasing the NUIG campus. There were arguments against it, there were concerns of Continue reading

Is The Time Coming Where We’ve REALLY Had Enough?

With increased expenses such as the household tax, septic tank charges and the growing likeliness of fracking in Ireland, more and more ordinary people are joining the left against the government. Pádraig McCarrick looks at why this time, things could be different.

“It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a persons home”.

An interesting quote that’s been surfacing online and on radio the last few weeks is not belonging to one of the usual political firebrands like Joe Higgins, but attributed to none other than Enda Kenny, speaking in 1994, when Fine Gael were opposing a Fianna Fail/Labour coalition attempt to introduce a property tax. Many of the arguments against the charge in ’94 still valid today: anti-home ownership, double-taxation etc were all part of a Fine Gael Leaflet condemning the coalitions plans. So what’s changed? Continue reading