The Student Observer Presents: The 2011/12 Exec Final Interviews- Rob Munnelly

Day four of four and we hear from El Presidente.

Having served a year already as VP Comms & Dev, Eoin Griffin catches up with Rob Munnelly days before the end of his term in the big job. What does Séamus Reynolds have ahead of him as MSU President? Find out in this interview. Enjoy!


The Student Observer Presents: The 2011/12 Exec Final Interviews- Keith ‘Boom Boom’ Broni

Day three. K-Bro cometh.


It’s hard to balance editing the Print, building a new website, having the bants, and saving Gotham City. But somehow for a year, Keith ‘Come at me bro’ Broni managed to do just that. In this candid interview, Keith sits down with erstwhile top-shelf reacher Eoin Griffin to discuss the very challenging task of being the VPSEC. Enjoy!

The Student Observer Presents: The 2011/12 Exec Final Interviews- Fiach O’ Neill

Day two of our series of interviews by Eoin ‘the hippogriff’ Griffin

Day two of our interviews, and in the spirit of transition, we bring you the only one of last year’s sabbats who made it into the 2012/13 edition. As such, Fiach O’ Neill is a grizzled vet of the MSU Exec, and he will be there to guide this year’s newcomers. In this sit-down interview with renowned Pink Floyd enthusiast Eoin Griffin, Fiach talks the highs and lows of his first year in arguably the most difficult Exec position, that of VP Welfare. Enjoy!

The Student Observer Presents: The 2011/12 Exec Final Interviews- Naoise Ó Cearúil

As a new year dawns, the Observer takes one big look back at the last year in a new series of interviews.

Over the next four days, The Student Observer will be publishing a series of interviews conducted by contributor and all-around gent Eoin Griffin. In each interview, Eoin will sit down candidly with each of the four sabbats from the 2011/12 MSU Exec and evaluate the year and their own performance in their position. Recorded mere days from the end of their term in office, Eoin attempts to provide a unique insight into the shoes that this year’s Exec need to fill. Up first is Naoise Ó Cearúil, who served in the role of Vice President for Clubs, Societies and Union Development, and was the first person to serve in this position. Enjoy!

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Jim O’Brien returns to break down the Fiscal Treaty referendum

Today’s article will be discussing the Yes and No arguments for the upcoming Fiscal Treaty Referendum on May 31st. The objective is to give a balanced and unbiased approach, hoping it will illuminate the facts and give a clear understanding for many who do not understand the economic jargon, or for some of us who are still scratching one’s head to fully understand the term, structural deficit. (Definition to come) Continue reading

USI reaffirms its commitment to free education – now it’s time to fight for it

Aidan Rowe returns with an opinion piece about the USI Preferendum.

In UCD today, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) voted to re-affirm it’s commitment to fighting for “100% Exchequer Funded Education” (or free fees as it’s commonly known). While the voting process was of questionable legitimacy (claims that the process was wide open to fraud, and that non-students were able to vote have yet to be adequately dealt with) and seemed to be consciously timed to stifle democratic debate, this was nonetheless an important victory over neoliberal forces within the student movement; or, perhaps more accurately, a political disaster narrowly averted. Continue reading

Preferendum Podcast – The Crystal Ball

Shane, Leonie, Rob and Eoin discuss the Preferendum, the future of USI and a bit of European politics. This was recorded on 2nd May and it seems we predicted the polarisation of politics in Europe and some issues with USI’s preferendum.

We have decided to bring a tarot deck to the next podcast.

Listen and Enjoy,


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