USI special congress report

Tyler McNally gives us a report and some snaps from last weeks special congress on the funding of 3rd level education. 

Last week, over 180 delegates from Students’ Unions all over Ireland attended the Union of Students in Ireland’s (USI) Special Congress, called during it’s last national conference to decide the USI’s position on how Third Level education should be funded, which was held in UCDSU.

In the run up to this Special Congress, a preferendum was held online at on which, USI members could vote for whatever option out of the five available they believed to be the right one, then provided the turnout was quorate these results would give individual SUs a mandate on how delegations vote. Continue reading


#usi12 Two major motions passed

Yesterday saw some major motions passed, motions that will shape USI policy and future direction. The two major motions that were debated on at length were the proposal for USI to fight for equal rights for everyone regardless of gender or sexual preference in the areas of marriage and adoption, the second being the motion to actively seek a renegotiation of the Croke Park Agreement. Continue reading

#usi12: USI’s Most Difficult Challenge?

First-time contributor Matthew Mulligan shines light on what should be a vitally important issue for USI.

USI President Gary Redmond speaks at #usi12. Image via University Times.

I am not someone who was unfortunate enough to be born into a body in which I felt I didn’t belong. I am a homosexual male and that is my physical identity, it matches up to the identity I have of myself in my head. But for a lot of people, their physical identity isn’t correct. Their physical gender isn’t what it should be, and they take action to become happier in themselves and comfortable in themselves by changing this body. Continue reading