What follows is a list of all candidates, with their relevant Facebook pages. Click on the name to find the page.

Naoise Ó’Cearúil
Séamus Reynolds

Vice President, Welfare & Equality
Fiach O’Neill
Danielle Claire O’Sullivan
Podge Sheridan

Vice President, Clubs Societies & Union Development
Lorna Deegan
Katarayna Dobosz (Katie Dobosz)
Eoin Griffin
Maeve Kavanagh
Cain Lynch
Peter Quinn

Vice President, Services Events & Communications
William Blumlein
Mal Callan
Steven Fleming
Ailbhe Mahon
Cal Philbin

Irish Language & Cultural Affairs Officer
Dean MacCearaín
John O’Liodain

Theology Representative 
Stephen Graham
Sean Smith

Faculty of Science & Engineering Representative
Darren Buckley
Ryan Cahill
Shauna Kelly

Faculty of Arts, Philosophy & Celtic Studies Representative
David Flanagan [no public page found yet]

Cumulative results of the two Red P polls so far:

Red P Poll #1

Red P Poll #2

It has all started off here. #msuelec12


3 thoughts on “#msuelec12

  1. How can we show the validity of these results as non-students and also students from different faculties can vote in unrelated faculties..
    (edited as there was a campaign advertisement)

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