Student Observer Radio #1: Radio Free Maynooth

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet……

So here goes nothing. In a joint project between The Observer, and our friends at The Inkling and Spare Change , we are beginning a weekly podcast. It will be a lot shorter next time, we promise!

On our maiden voyage, Brian, Shane and I discuss Union Elections, General elections, scones, libraries, old old wooden ships, the Gestapo, and Joan Burton. Enjoy!



Featured Blog: The Inkling

Here at the Observer, we are always keen to give people a voice. To that end, we constantly offer the chance for people to volunteer articles or blog posts to us. Taking up our offer this week is Observer reader Thobias Inkblot, who began a blog this week called the Inkblot, at

This week in Lolitics

I am Tiger Hear me Roar So here we have it, the butt end of the Celtic Tiger, personified in the corpulent body of Fianna Fáil and their final gasp. What was is i hear you ask? The easiest way to describe it is as the longest and most pointless exhalation in history. Normally when one exhales it is to get rid of the of the waste materials that the body no longer needs and then to replenish itself with fresh nutrients. However the long and well documented death of the Fianna Fáil party has done nothing but infect an already decrepit environment with a miasma of wasted words. We must however remember Brian Lenihan’s inspiring words, ‘the worst is over’. We laughed then at his idiocy the vacuous nature of his words. Little did we know what internal machinations had been taking place. Continue reading